Welcome to Natural Healing Herbs

This site is dedicated to the forces of Mother Nature as they manifest themselves in the therapeutic powers of mystical and enigmatic plants.

Since man realized that he was plagued by sickness and death he has tried to fight both of them with plants and magic.

This tradition has survived all efforts of modern medicine and chemistry, and today we still have as many good reasons to speak of the magic of plants as our first ancestors had stellar ages ago.

This magic of the botanic universe is what our site is going to be focused upon.

We know that plant therapies are multi folded:

There are herbal teas and potions to treat minor inconveniences.

There are herbal oils and lotions to beautify the skin and preserve the dead.

There are herbal essences applied in tiny doses which we assume have long term impacts on serious diseases and our general well being.

And finally there are those plants that hardly seem to have any influence on our body at all, but instead directly work on our mind and brain.

Even modern science has so far shown little success in decoding the subtle approach of Mother Nature’s sophisticated substances: we know of many plants more or less exactly what they do effect, but mostly we are still clueless in the question of precisely how Mother Nature does her tricks.

Thousands of active therapeutic ingredients have been found in plants, described and analyzed, but only few have ever given their inner secrets away.

And also this site will not try to reap them from their righteous owners, but we will rather try to take you to a little walk through our magic garden and its thousand fold ethenogenic wonders.

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